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Warm up on a chilly day with your own homemade hot cocoa mix!

How to Make Creamy Hot Cocoa

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creamy hot cocoa in a white mug

Let's roll up our sleeves and peek inside our kitchen to make a perfect artisan sourdough bread. We'll leave that kitchen scale in the cupboard for now. Let's start out this very post with the fact that I am not a perfect baker. I am not a professional bread maker nor do I aim to […]

How To Make Artisan Sourdough Bread | Without A Kitchen Scale

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artisan bread

Learn how we make healthy meals at home without a super complex meal planning system. Making healthy meals at home doesn't have to be hard. Don't get me wrong, I love me a good Pinterest recipe. When I have time in the winter I love finding new and different recipes to experiment with. But day […]

5 Ways to Prepare Healthy Meals at Home | Un-Meal Planning

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