Home organization can be super overwhelming and stressful, especially when you live with more than just yourself. Here are my ten ways to keep a calmer, low-stress household. Just Take a Nap First things first. I had a professor nun in college who would always start class by saying, “If you’re hungry, get yourself a […]

Home Organization | 10 Ways to A Calmer Household

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sheets on the line

Unwrapping Family Traditions: Authentic Norwegian Potato Flat Bread with Grandma There’s something pretty special about the aroma of a freshly made batch of lefsa wafting through the kitchen- a scent that transports you to a cozy kitchen filled with laughter and cherished family memories. Join us in the kitchen as we share the delightful times […]

How to Make Authentic Norwegian Lefsa

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lefsa wrapped up

Creating a linear space in a mud/laundry room that accommodates our large family and all the things that farm life brings with it! The Stuffy Before: Our laundry room started as a crowded room that was an often overlooked space that held the potential for so much more. Dull walls, bad lighting, too many shoes, […]

Laundry Room Transformation: Function and Design Inspiration

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paintable beadboard


it's hip to be square!