Savory and light, this chicken harvest casserole is packed with veggies and flavor!  This casserole dish is the perfect garden clean up meal full of feel-good fall ingredients. At the end of the summer, we have tons of fresh produce and this casserole can handle the most variety! The recipe calls for certain veggies, but I […]

How to make Healthy Chicken Harvest Casserole

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chicken harvest casserole

Learn how to extend the life of your fresh flowers with these 10 simple tips! One of the most common things we get asked when we are out with our fresh flower bouquets is, what’s the care for these? “How do I keep these beauties alive?” “How do I make these last as long as […]

How to Extend the Life of your Fresh Flowers

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flower bouquet

Chicken Wing Clipping: As simple and painless for the chickens as it is for you! A Wing Trim for Your Chickens Throughout fall and spring, our chickens enjoy roaming freely around our yard. However, with summer on the horizon and fresh seeds in the ground, it becomes less possible to grant them this freedom. Once […]

Chicken Wing Clipping Guide | Learn How To Cut your Chickens’ Wings

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