Chicken Wing Clipping: As simple and painless for the chickens as it is for you! A Wing Trim for Your Chickens Throughout fall and spring, our chickens enjoy roaming freely around our yard. However, with summer on the horizon and fresh seeds in the ground, it becomes less possible to grant them this freedom. Once […]

Chicken Wing Clipping Guide | Learn How To Cut your Chickens’ Wings

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Our Farm Update as of late Our family farm, that has been caring for the land and animals while producing wholesome milk since the 1940’s and is currently, this day, in serious danger of having nowhere to go with our milk. To make a long story short, it means there is not a milk processing plant that is able to […]

The Tragedy of Our Time: Is This the End of Our Family’s Farm?

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This week’s we are chatting about Popcorn! The different varieties of popcorn, how to grow it, the different ways to make it, and 16 different ways to jazz up your popcorn with our family’s favorite popcorn recipe ebook! The only thing better than hot, fresh popcorn is knowing that you grew that popcorn! Two summers […]

How to Grow and Make Popcorn | 15 Different Popcorn Recipes

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