Smokey, salty hard boiled smoked eggs | simple and so delicious! Spring Time on the Farm When spring rolls around you can feel the sun warming up just in time to melt the blanket of snow and ice that we have been under for the past 5 months. This is the time of year when […]

How make Tasty Smoked Eggs | A Quick Brine Recipe

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peeling eggs

This coveted juicy and tender Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe came from a 1940’s pool hall – here is your invite to enjoy this special recipe with us! What’s not to love about a Roast Beef Sandwich? Picture it, is the 1940’s and you’re young and in love so you get married. The wedding is finished […]

How to Make the Juiciest Roast Beef Sandwich | Easy Roast Beef Recipe

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rubes special roast beef

Gardening can be tough. I’m about to make things easier this season by showing you how we make our own carrot seed tape! Gardening with more control Vegetable seed tapes can be commercially purchased. But we have found our own way to make this time-saving gardening hack! Tiny seeds like spinach, carrots, onions and radishes […]

How to Make your own Carrot Seed Tape

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carrot seed tape


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