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If you’re a Dahlia lover, there’s nothing quite like having a garden filled with an abundance of these breathtaking blooms! Here is our guide to growing Dahlias! Beautiful Blooms Dahlia flowers are easily one of the most eye catching flowers. There are many dahlia varieties, but they are best known for their unique globe or pom-pom […]

How to Grow a Garden of Dahlias: A Guide to Abundant Dahlia Blooms

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Soil blocking is a sustainable and effective method for starting seeds, but having the right tools and resources is key to success. Come peek in the greenhouse to see what’s been working the best for us for the past 7 years! We’ll also answer some of your commonly asked questions about soil blocking! Soil Blocking […]

The Best Tools and Resources for Successful Soil Blocking

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Soil blocks are a fantastic alternative to traditional seed-starting methods. They’re environmentally friendly, reduce transplant shock, and promote healthier root development. To ensure your seedlings get the best start, it’s crucial to use a high-quality soil block mix. Let me show you my secret recipe for soil-blocking success! Soil Blocking + Seed Starting Over the […]

How to Make the Best Soil Block Mix for your Seedlings

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