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We really make our garden tools earn themselves a spot in our garage! I've been gardening since I was a kid, but now that I have my very own garden, I have my own favorite tools. I have found a few things that I keep toting with me year after year. Of course there are […]

Our Top 11 Most Used and Favorite Garden Tools and Essentials

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This week's we are chatting about Popcorn! The different varieties of popcorn, how to grow it, the different ways to make it, and 16 different ways to jazz up your popcorn with our family's favorite popcorn recipe ebook! The only thing better than hot, fresh popcorn is knowing that you grew that popcorn! Two summers […]

How to Grow and Make Popcorn | 15 Different Popcorn Recipes

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I've had my share of dried out pots and non-thriving plants in my raised beds. This year was the year everything received lovely drip irrigation! The load of the work is done upfront, generally once, and then you are set. We even took a long weekend away and I wasn't worried one bit about having […]

How to Quickly Install Drip Irrigation for your Raised Beds

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