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Fermented garlic in honey is a delicious and easy immune booster that can be made easily at home. The fermentation process not only creates a unique flavor to the garlic but also preserves it. There are so many amazing things that can be made with garlic. The opportunities to incorporate this mighty little bulb of […]

How to Make Fermented Garlic in Honey

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honey in garlic

Some of my favorite habits to stay motivated throughout the busy summer months! Handling Summer: Our busiest season! If you are a gardener or a farm owner in any capacity, you know first hand how hectic the summer months can become and if not, you can just take my word for it :)! Yes, it’s […]

Staying productive and motivated for Gardening Season: My favorite habits!

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Whether you are meal-prepping for yourself or have 5 other mouths to feed, these muffins are a great breakfast option! A Savory, Hearty Breakfast With the busy planting season in full swing, I truly cherish recipes that: These simple egg muffins make up a quick breakfast that is easy to shuttle out to the field, […]

Savory Breakfast Recipe: Quick and Easy Egg Muffins

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