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Pickling your shiplap refers to the process of treating wooden shiplap boards with diluted paint or a stain solution to achieve a weathered, aged appearance. Creating Charm with Shiplap Shiplap has emerged as a timeless favorite in home décor, revered for its rustic elegance and versatility. But maybe it’s time for a shiplap update! For […]

How to Pickle Your Shiplap | A Warm + Rustic Wall Application

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sheep skin against pickled shiplap wall

8 Simple Homemade Holiday Crafts to make with your Kids this Holiday Season I know, I know. This time of year can get real out of hand, quick. Here are eight ways to slow down and craft with your kids in a way that creates simple and beautiful homemade holiday crafts and decor over the […]

8 Simple Holiday Crafts | Making Christmas Traditions with your Kids

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gift wrapped with a star

These crispy, buttery Swedish lace cookies with just the right amount of chocolate will have you coming back for more! Swedish Lace Cookie We’ve made these long ago with grandma and the taste for me is nostalgic. She certainly didn’t use Nutella so I’ve adapted the recipe a bit. These Havreflarn cookies or simply put […]

How to make Swedish Lace Cookies with Chocolate

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Swedish Havreflan Cookies with Chocolate


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