Soil blocking is a sustainable and effective method for starting seeds, but having the right tools and resources is key to success. Come peek in the greenhouse to see what’s been working the best for us for the past 7 years! We’ll also answer some of your commonly asked questions about soil blocking! Soil Blocking […]

The Best Tools and Resources for Successful Soil Blocking

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soil blocking tools

Pickling your shiplap refers to the process of treating wooden shiplap boards with diluted paint or a stain solution to achieve a weathered, aged appearance. Creating Charm with Shiplap Shiplap has emerged as a timeless favorite in home décor, revered for its rustic elegance and versatility. But maybe it’s time for a shiplap update! For […]

How to Pickle Your Shiplap | A Warm + Rustic Wall Application

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sheep skin against pickled shiplap wall

This makes the best side dish, appetizer, or game-day snack! You’re going to want to save this one! Crave-able Homemade Poutine Today’s food adventure is Poutine! Poutine is a Canadian dish (the jury is still out on if I pronounce it correctly…). Football season is coming to an end but you can still whip this […]

Delicious and Easy BBQ Chicken Poutine Recipe

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hot gravy on poutine


it's hip to be square!