Don’t let that precious bunny poo go to waste! There are so many benefits to using composted rabbit tea in your garden! Let me show you how easy it is to make and use and why it’s totally worth making a batch! Composted Rabbit Manure Tea | ‘Bunny Tea’ This natural ultra-premium liquid fertilizer can […]

How to Make Composted Rabbit Tea

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rabbit compost tea

Braiding garlic can be both pretty and functional. If you properly harvest, dry, cure and store your garlic, they have the potential to last up to 6 months! This year we harvested lots of garlic out of our raised beds. It’s always a treat to harvest something that was planted way back in the fall. […]

How to Braid Garlic for Storage

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braided garlic

I’ve had my share of dried out pots and non-thriving plants in my raised beds. This year was the year everything received lovely drip irrigation! What is Drip Irrigation? Drip Irrigation (also called trickle irrigation) is a process of watering plants and in my opinion, is one of the best practices for home gardeners. In this […]

How to Quickly Install Drip Irrigation for your Raised Beds

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drip irrigation


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