The Best Tools and Resources for Successful Soil Blocking

Soil blocking is a sustainable and effective method for starting seeds, but having the right tools and resources is key to success. Come peek in the greenhouse to see what’s been working the best for us for the past 7 years! We’ll also answer some of your commonly asked questions about soil blocking!

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Soil Blocking Resources

  1. Soil Block Maker:
  2. Seed Starting Mix:
  3. Watering Can:
  4. Seedling Heat Mat:
    • A seedling heat mat helps maintain consistent soil temperature, promoting faster and more uniform germination.
    • Recommended: VIVOSUN Seedling Heat Mat.
  5. Grow Lights:
    • If you’re starting seeds indoors, grow lights are essential for providing adequate light for seedling growth.
    • Recommended: VIVOSUN Fluorescent Grow Light or really any fluorescent lamp.
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Best Practices for Soil Blocking:

  • Start with a clean workspace and sterile tools to prevent disease. I love tossing our favorite sturdy trays right into the dishwasher at the end of each season, so I know they are sterilized and ready for spring planting.
  • Moisten the soil mix before forming blocks to ensure it holds together well.
  • Use the appropriate size soil block maker for the seedlings you’re starting. The smaller blocks, although take up less space, will also contain less amounts of nutrients, so plan to pot these up sooner than larger blocks.
  • Label your soil blocks to keep track of the seeds you’ve planted. We like using simple wooden popsicle sticks or recycled material.
  • Keep soil blocks moist but not waterlogged, and provide adequate light and warmth for seedling growth.
  • Wash your tools when you’re finished to ensure their longevity! Protect your investments! 😉

soil blocking tools

Questions People are asking about Soil Blocking

Can I reuse soil blocks?

No, soil blocks are not reusable. Once the seedlings are transplanted, the soil blocks can be composted. As many of the original nutrients have been used up by the seedling.

How often should I water soil blocks?

Water soil blocks as needed to keep them moist but not waterlogged. Check them regularly, especially in warm or dry conditions.

Do I need to harden off seedlings grown in soil blocks?

Yes, seedlings grown in soil blocks should be hardened off before transplanting to acclimate them to outdoor conditions.

With the right tools and resources, soil blocking can be a rewarding and successful seed-starting method. By following best practices and using the recommended tools, you’ll be well on your way to growing healthy, robust seedlings ready for transplanting.

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