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No More Bug Bites

If we have learned anything from living in the Midwest, it’s that there are 2 seasons. There is Winter and there is Bug Season.

2 Things that we keep in our home and in our car to stay prepared for Bug Season:

#1:Baby Oil Cream (the equate brand- this is important. We have tried other brands and they are less effective.)

#2 Itch Relief Gel (this does not necessarily need to be the equate brand- any brand will due).

Use the baby cream oil on everyone exposed to nasty, biting bugs. Including gnats and mosquitos! Baby Oil Cream is formulated for babies so BAM, great from everyone from little on up! When the bug bitting season is over and we enter into the next season- WINTER, we use this baby cream oil up on dry winter skin to seal in the moisture after baths.

Use the Itch Relief Gel in case you forgot to apply the Baby Oil Cream. Again great for all ages! When applied to an itchy spot, this may sting just a touch, but that when you know you applied it to just the right spot! Do not use it in our around the eyes.

We keep a set of these products in the car and at home. This way we’re always prepared!

Both items are inexpensive and can be used up year-round so you don’t have extra products sitting around, waiting for the next season.

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Enjoy “bug season” while it lasts. Soon winter will be here and we’ll be begging for “bug season” again ;)!



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