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If you’re entering into the world of cut flower business, a flower cooler is something that you’ll likely be investing in, to grow your business and give your cut flowers the most bang for their buck! Let me show you how you can easily DIY one from, even the smallest corner of your garage. Flower […]

DIY Flower Cooler from an Existing Structure | Keeping Flowers Fresh

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flower cooler room

Home organization can be super overwhelming and stressful, especially when you live with more than just yourself. Here are my ten ways to keep a calmer, low-stress household. Just Take a Nap First things first. I had a professor nun in college who would always start class by saying, “If you’re hungry, get yourself a […]

Home Organization | 10 Ways to A Calmer Household

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sheets on the line

After we insulated our garage and I finally had some real walls to play with, this little corner is my new favorite spot! A Garage with a Faux Stone Wall With this area being a focal spot for anyone who stops by the house, comes in for a wreath or floral class, I wanted it […]

How to Create a Faux Stone Wall on a Budget

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