Packing up some ten-fifteen meals for a hungry gang can be daunting unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve for meals to-go! Even if you don’t run a farm or serve folks in fields, I bet you might be running to soccer, headed to a meeting, or need to take a meal on […]

Top 5 Field Meal Essentials | On the Go Eating

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field meal preparation

Our holiday gift guide for those who do the shopping! If you’ve been following along by now, you know that our home is 80% handmade. The food, the clothes, the toys, the decor, you name it. If I can make it, I will. BUT there are a few things that I leave up to those […]

A Farmhouse Gift Guide | Simple Pleasures and Little Treasures

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farmhouse gift guide

Braiding garlic can be both pretty and functional. If you properly harvest, dry, cure and store your garlic, they have the potential to last up to 6 months! This year we harvested lots of garlic out of our raised beds. It’s always a treat to harvest something that was planted way back in the fall. […]

How to Braid Garlic for Storage

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braided garlic


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