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Sourdough starter is about as simple as it comes! Learn to enjoy the simple things with this homemade sourdough starter! Back to Basics What is a sourdough starter? It’s a breath of fresh air to make something remarkable out of 2 common ingredients: water and flour Sourdough Starter is the key ingredient in any kind […]

How to make Sourdough Starter

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easy sourdough starter

Making butternut squash in the instant pot is the fastest way to one of the best side dishes of the fall! Instant Pot Butternut Squash  One of the most versatile fall crop is without a doubt Butternut Squash. This squash is the most popular at our market and is the best tasting- in my opinion. […]

Making Instant Pot Butternut Squash | Quick Squash Recipe

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butternut squash

Smokey, salty hard boiled smoked eggs | simple and so delicious! Spring Time on the Farm When spring rolls around you can feel the sun warming up just in time to melt the blanket of snow and ice that we have been under for the past 5 months. This is the time of year when […]

How make Tasty Smoked Eggs | A Quick Brine Recipe

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peeling eggs


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