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Top 10 Reasons Why Sheepskin is Good for your Health

You may love your sheepskin for it’s deep comfort and aesthetically pleasing appeal, but did you know that there are some serious health benefits to owning one?

health benefits of a sheepskin rug

Since 2014 we’ve been raising up a few sheep. Our kids love to help feeding the bottle lambs. We started processing our own sheepskin rugs here on the farm at that same time. As the demand for our sheepskins grew, we would ad a few more each year.

Many folks have purchased them with aesthetics in mind and although yes, it is our favorite piece of decor in our home, there are so many more reasons to have them around, than just for looks.

Holding one of our southdown babydoll lambs

Sheepskins have been in nursing homes for so many years, assisting with mobility and skin issues, but the health benefits go far beyond this.

We used our sheepskins with each and everyone of our babies. I love to lay one down on the ground and lay the baby there while I’m doing dishes. They tend to be so deep and comforting to everyone, but especially babies.

I love when we have company over and suddenly they are unconsciously weaving their fingers into the fibers of wool. We make eye contact and I ask, whatcha doing? They have no idea what possessed them. Folks are just naturally drawn to feeling, sitting and smoothing the wool sheepskins.

There are really so many reasons why we love having sheepskins in our homes. Let me count the ways!

sheepskin on a rocking chair by the Christmas tree

Top 10 Sheepskin Health Benefits

1. Sheepskins increases comfort

The outer layer of protein on a fibre of wool is very smooth, making it easy for sheepskin fibers to move against each other and accommodate movement.

So when on a sitting or lying on a sheepskin, your skin moves across the surface with less resistance to help reduce discomfort.

It’s particularly useful for people with limited mobility – such as the elderly or those convalescing after surgery. When sitting or lying in the same position for long periods of time, sheepskins can make them more comfortable and protect against bedsores.

2. Sheep-hides repel dirt and bacteria

Sheepskin fleece is naturally resistant to the growth of mold, dust mites, and bed bugs.

Its natural wicking properties and drawing moisture away from the skin, also prevent the conditions that allow bacteria to thrive.

Sheepskin are also breathable, allowing air to continue circulating around you when you rest on them. Again reducing the hot and clammy environment that bacteria loves.

Best of all, you can regularly wash your sheep-hides to keep them clean. Just take care when doing so to keep it in tip-top condition.

3. Sheepskins are hypo-allergenic and soothe skin

Sheepskin contains a substance called lanolin which is similar to that found in human skin. It is kind to sensitive or inflamed skin so many believe it can help to soothe rashes or skin conditions such as eczema.

Unlike faux sheep-hides, which are carbon based fibers made from petrochemicals, sheepskin are natural products that have minimal chemicals.

4. Sheepskins are moisture wicking for skin protection

Fleeces have this fantastic ability to absorb moisture without actually feeling wet. Wool can carry almost one-third of its own weight in water before feeling wet to the touch.

Wet skin can cause maceration and weakening of the skin over time. Sheepskin wick moisture and are a great benefit for comfort and skin protection.

5. Sheepskins help to promote sleep

Due to a combination of the reasons above, sleeping on a sheepskin can help you get a better night’s rest. Combining the natural ability to regulate temperature and it’s deep and thick wool, sheepskins are the best to sleep on or with.

6. Durability

Sheepskins are extremely durable! If backed with a leather backing like, ours, your sheepskin will never shed and can be easily cleaned to maintain it’s shape and voluminous quality.

7. Helps Regulates Body Temperature

Sheep are kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter by their wool, so it’s no wonder that this feature is one of the most sought after when it comes to newborn babies that may have been born premature or with at low birth weight since they can’t regulate their own body temperature, just yet. A sheepskin blanket can also give autistic children the comfort and security they desire without overheating.

8. Reduces Friction

The outer layer of wool has the unique benefit of having a protein layer that is extremely smooth and allows the sheepskin to easily move against one another making movement easier and more comfortable. For those who may limited mobility, this soft layer can easily move against the skin and limit the risk of skin breakdowns over time.

9. Assists with healthy blood circulation

By regulating your body temperature, sheepskin can also help improve overall circulation. Also by helping to absorb pressure and allowing the distribution of weight, sheepskin helps minimize the creation of pressure points that can negatively affect circulation.

10. Minimizes Bacteria and other pathogens

Genuine lambswool has properties that can deter pest such as bedbugs. This can minimize the chance of disease transmission and finding the best sheepskin for baby and young children is important since their immune system is still developing.

This is not medical advice. Please use your judgment and speak with your doctor if you have medical questions.

little toes in a warm sheepskin rug

Questions People are asking about Sheepskin Rugs and the Health Benefits

Can I put my baby on a sheepskin rug?

When we used a sheepskin rug with our kids, we placed it directly on the crib matress then placed water proof mattress protector and fitted crib sheet over top in case there were to be a blow out or spit up happenings in the crib. This also ensured that the baby wouldn’t get wool in their mouth etc.
*Please use your own instincts to judge if this is safe for your baby’s age and situation.

How do I wash my sheepskin rug if it does become soiled?

Here’s the link to How to Wash your Sheepskin at Home.

Where can I buy one of your sheepskin rugs?

We raise our own sheep on our farm, then after harvested for market, we save the sheepskins and process our own sheepskin rugs, here on our farm. We do have limited supply, but you could always email us to check availability. They tend to sell out quickly when we announce them on social media.

Sheep Shearing 2021

sheep skin on the hardwood floor

How we use our sheepskin

  • Our office chairs
  • Softens up a wooden rocking chair
  • Draped over a bench
  • On the floor besides our bed
  • In the car seats in the winter time or the summer time, for that matter!
  • On the floor in front of the fire place
  • Covering the piano bench
  • We keep an old one for the dog, cats or an orphaned baby lamb if need be
  • Around the base of the Christmas Tree

Another Fun Way to Incorporate Wool into your Child’s Favorite Toys

Our Kids’ Waldorf Dolls are still, to this day, one of their most treasured childhood toys. I have a head to toe series of tutorials showing you how to make one yourself!

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