Silhouettes have a timeless appeal, capturing the essence of a moment in a striking and artistic way. Let me show you how you can create a beautiful silhouette from an average phone photo in less than 10 minutes using Canva! Taking the photo I knew that I wanted side profile portraits of my kids. I’ve […]

How to Create a Classic Silhouette from a Regular Photo.

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front view of silhouettes

Cinnamon doughnuts are a beloved classic, but what if we told you that you could enjoy their deliciousness without the guilt of frying? Baked cinnamon doughnuts are the answer! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to make these scrumptious treats at home, and we’ll answer some common questions along the way. Get ready […]

How to Make Baked Cinnamon + Sugar Doughnuts

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donuts on a cooling rack

Fermented garlic in honey is a delicious and easy immune booster that can be made easily at home. The fermentation process not only creates a unique flavor to the garlic but also preserves it. There are so many amazing things that can be made with garlic. The opportunities to incorporate this mighty little bulb of […]

How to Make Fermented Garlic in Honey

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honey in garlic


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