As winter’s cold bite settles in, the quest for warmth suddenly becomes a priority. Instead of simply putting up with the cold, bitter, and resentful, why not empower your body to withstand the frigid weather? This winter I’m exploring some effective ways to train my body to withstand the bone-chilling temperatures here in Minnesota by […]

Embracing the Warmth Within | Winter Resilience Training

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winter scene in front of the greenhouse

With the holiday season upon us, what better way to add a touch of natural beauty to your festive decor than with the fragrant blooms of paperwhite bulbs? These delicate flowers with their dainty white petals and sweet scent can be forced indoors just in time for Christmas! Paperwhite blooms I remember my grandma filling […]

How to force Paperwhite Bulbs for Christmas

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paperwhite flowers

This sweet and tangy cranberry salsa turns a traditional salsa on its head. Bringing the smells and tastes of the season straight to your meals with this perfect holiday appetizer! Festive Cranberry Salsa I love making this salsa during the holiday season (aka cranberry season). The fresh ingredients stand out and are a nice, tangy […]

Cranberry Salsa | A New Salsa Recipe

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cranberry salsa


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