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Fermented garlic in honey is a delicious and easy immune booster that can be made easily at home. The fermentation process not only creates a unique flavor to the garlic but also preserves it. There are so many amazing things that can be made with garlic. The opportunities to incorporate this mighty little bulb of […]

How to Make Fermented Garlic in Honey

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honey in garlic

An overview of how to garden above ground. What is a Raised Bed? “Raised Bed Gardening” refers to planting above ground in a constructed “bed.” The “bed” is a frame, often made of wood and filled with soil. These beds can also be made out of galvanized material (click here to see what this would […]

An Easy Introduction to Raised Bed Gardening | For Beginners

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It’s a cold Sunday afternoon perfect for some quick and easy herb dumpling soup to go along with a game of cards. Fluffy Herb Dumplings you can add to any soup My Grandpa (who’s name just happened to be Herb) made these Herb Dumplings for me when I stopped by for lunch. I actually thought […]

How to Make Herb Dumplings | Delicious addition to any soup!

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herb dumplings


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