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Here are our Top 10 Tips for Traveling with kids. How to prep, stay sane and make memories that will last a lifetime. Carey and I have been farming most of our lives. We’ve dedicated ourselves to the farm, our animals and this life that we have built for our family. One thing can sometimes […]

How to Stay Sane while Traveling with Kids | 10 Tips

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traveling with kids

Buttery and full of flavor, this Scalloped Corn recipe makes a lovely side dish. It’s an easy recipe and requires just a few common ingredients.

How to Make Buttery Scalloped Corn Casserole

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scalloped corn in a white pyrex bowl

Ten fantastic purposeful parenting tips for raising responsible and respectable children in today’s world. Top 10 Tips for Purposeful Parenting! #1. The waiting muscle- it needs to be exercised to become stronger and to build impulse control. The waiting muscle. Did you know there was even such a muscle? I think it’s located right next […]

Purposeful Parenting | How to Raise Responsible + Respectable Kids

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