An overview of how to garden above ground. What is a Raised Bed? “Raised Bed Gardening” refers to planting above ground in a constructed “bed.” The “bed” is a frame, often made of wood and filled with soil. These beds can also be made out of galvanized material (click here to see what this would […]

An Easy Introduction to Raised Bed Gardening | For Beginners

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Soil blocking is a sustainable and effective method for starting seeds, but having the right tools and resources is key to success. Come peek in the greenhouse to see what’s been working the best for us for the past 7 years! We’ll also answer some of your commonly asked questions about soil blocking! Soil Blocking […]

The Best Tools and Resources for Successful Soil Blocking

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soil blocking tools

Soil blocks are a fantastic alternative to traditional seed-starting methods. They’re environmentally friendly, reduce transplant shock, and promote healthier root development. To ensure your seedlings get the best start, it’s crucial to use a high-quality soil block mix. Let me show you my secret recipe for soil-blocking success! Soil Blocking + Seed Starting Over the […]

How to Make the Best Soil Block Mix for your Seedlings

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