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The Magic of Cyanotype: Unraveling the World of Wearable Art

Cyanotype, a time-honored photographic printing process, has captivated artists and creators for centuries with its unique, ethereal blueprints. From its humble beginnings as a blueprinting technique to its modern resurgence as a beloved art form, it continues to enchant with its simplicity and versatility.

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Cyanotype Explained

Imagine the sun as your darkroom, transforming ordinary objects into stunning works of art. This is the beauty of cyanotype printing, where the alchemy of light and chemistry creates mesmerizing patterns and intricate designs on paper and fabric.

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But there’s more to cyanotype than meets the eye. Beyond the basic prints lies a world of possibilities, where artists delve into the nitty-gritty details of printing on fabric and creating wearable art. It’s a journey that takes you from the studio to the runway, as you explore the art of transforming fabric into a canvas for your creativity.

In our exclusive online workshop, we invite you to join us as we unlock the secrets of cyanotype printing on fabric. This 4-day workshop is a deep dive into the techniques and processes that elevate cyanotype from a simple print to a wearable masterpiece.

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One of the highlights of the workshop is the exploration of printing using photo negatives, a technique that opens up a world of possibilities for creating intricate and detailed prints. Learn how to transform your photographs into stunning cyanotype prints, adding a personal touch to your wearable art.

But that’s not all. Our workshop goes beyond the basics, offering insights and tips that you won’t find anywhere else. From choosing the right fabric to mastering the art of exposure, and how to get around those thick tough spots on clothing, we cover it all, ensuring that you leave the workshop with the knowledge and confidence to create your own cyanotype masterpieces.

Join us as we unravel the magic of cyanotype and discover the art of creating wearable art. Sign up for our online workshop today and embark on a journey of creativity and inspiration. Unlock the secrets of cyanotype printing and unleash your creativity on fabric, creating wearable art that is as unique as you are.

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After learning about Cyanotype in college, I was determined to include our farms pressed cut flowers in wearable art (my everyday garden clothes). I combined the two things that I’ve surrounded myself with in the past few years and have so much to teach you. Let me save you enormous amounts of time and research learning this fantastic printing method discovered by John Fredrick Herschel in 1842. 

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What You’ll Discover:

Gathering Materials and Tools, Preparing your Workspace, Coating Fabric with Cyanotype Solution, Creating Cyanotype Wearable Art, (how to get around buttons, zippers, and thick seams) Adding Extra Touches, Tricks for Success, Cyanotype Timeline (printable) How to Care & and Preserve Your Cyanotyped Clothing, How to Print a Photo with Cyanotype, Step-By-Step Guide (printable), 10 Mistakes I’ve Made, (so you don’t have to), Troubleshooting + Inspiration and Printable Botanical Negative and 40-minute Instructional Video.

Reserve your spot today and unlock the secrets to creating the beautiful, deep contrasts of cyanotype multimedia and wearable art!

This is a digital product that will be sent to your email inbox after purchase.  This includes printables, easy-to-read instructional workbook, and step-by-step video tutorials.

This workshop will be yours to go back and forth through as you wish. 

*A local in-person class will be scheduled for later this summer! Stay tuned!

Our email subscribers receive 10% off this class! You can sign up, and then purchase using your coupon code.

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Questions People are asking about this Cyanotype Workshop

Is this Cyanotype Workshop in person?

This is a digital workshop that will be sent to your email inbox after purchase.  This includes printables, easy-to-read instructional workbook, and step-by-step video tutorials

Will you be doing an in-person Cyanotype Class?

Yes! The folks who subscribe to our blog weekly email will be the first to know when and where they can join us for an in-person Cyanotype workshop!

Will the workshop include sources for all the materials and tools that we need?

Yes, we will cover all the tools and materials needed. I will let you know where to find everything in the workshop!

What our customers are saying about the workshop!

I just downloaded this workshop and am already learning more than I could have learn anywhere else! I’m so excited to learn how to incorporate my cut flowers into printed designs!

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