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Pickling your shiplap refers to the process of treating wooden shiplap boards with diluted paint or a stain solution to achieve a weathered, aged appearance. Creating Charm with Shiplap Shiplap has emerged as a timeless favorite in home décor, revered for its rustic elegance and versatility. But maybe it’s time for a shiplap update! For […]

How to Pickle Your Shiplap | A Warm + Rustic Wall Application

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sheep skin against pickled shiplap wall

With the holiday season upon us, what better way to add a touch of natural beauty to your festive decor than with the fragrant blooms of paperwhite bulbs? These delicate flowers with their dainty white petals and sweet scent can be forced indoors just in time for Christmas! Paperwhite blooms I remember my grandma filling […]

How to force Paperwhite Bulbs for Christmas

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paperwhite flowers

There’s just something sweet and classic about dried oranges. Make them once and save them for next year or create a holiday tradition. This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy. I love adding in as many natural elements into our holiday decor as possible and this DIY dried orange garland is […]

How to Make Dried Orange Garland

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dried orange slices, string and black scissors


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