How to Make Paper Stars Using Parchment Paper

These delicate paper stars are perfect for any time of the year. But we especially love making them during the holidays.

wooden dresser with candles, gnome, white pitcher with greenery in it and 5 white stars on the wall

This time of year, when the kiddos are home, we keep busy making little simple crafts with materials we have one hand.

Some of their favorites are dried orange garland, paper bag stars, paper snowflakes and these delicate paper stars all while sipping on our Homemade Cocoa or Russian Tea.

Ah, almost makes you want to be a kid again, doesn’t it? 🙂

paper stars hanging in bedroom doorway

One of the best things about being at home is racking our imaginations for what we can use around the house to make little decorations for the holidays. I almost always have parchment paper on hand and I love both the white and non-bleached versions.

We discovered the parchment paper when we were digging through the drawer looking for more brown paper lunch sacks for our stars and I thought, parchment paper will be way easier to cut into than the folded bags. I was right!

After a little tinkering and lots of gluing we came up with these little guys. I will say the larger stars are easier to make, unless you have the knack for tiny work. But I just love how delicate they are and especially when hung above the window. The light coming through them makes them even more lovely!

Delicate Paper Stars Tutorial – the Video!

You can find the full directions below OR you could watch this video.

Why You’ll Love These Delicate Paper Stars

  • Make a bunch and tie them around an embroidery hoop for an instant mobile.
  • These Paper Stars are easier to cut through than the lunch bag paper stars.
  • Store them in a shoe box and bring them out every year during the holidays!
  • Use them as decorations on your tree for a simple, delicate look.
  • They look amazing next to Christmas lights!
  • Hand them in the windows and watch the sun shine through them.
  • Use them as gift toppers for an extra little something.
  • String them on a thread to create a little paper star garland.

paper star on Christmas tree

materials to make delicate paper stars

Materials you’ll need to make these Delicate Paper Stars

  1. White or Unbleached Parchment paper
  2. Sharp Scissors
  3. Glue Stick
  4. Filament or Fishing line
  5. Ruler
  6. Pencil

delicate paper stars

How to Make Paper Stars from Parchment Paper

Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Cut out the rectangles

    The more we made the less we were concerned about the actual measurements- just as long as there were 5-6 pieces that were the same, it works.
    Here are the dimensions that we worked with:
    3×4″, 4×7″, 6×10″, 9×16″

  2. Fold

    Fold the rectangles in half and stack them together

  3. Cut triangles out of the edge

    Once the rectangles are all folded and stacked up, cut triangles out of the non-folded edge of the rectangles. I really like the more narrow, thin triangles and it really made the edges curl.

  4. Separate the rectangles and unfold

  5. Accordion fold

    Accordion fold each piece, then fold in half and glue the inside of the fold

  6. Glue

    Once all 5-6 pieces are glued- glue them all together in a stack.

  7. Fan out

    Glue the ends and fan out to create the star shape. Hold the glued ends for a bit to make sure they stay.

  8. Hang Up

    If you are using these to hang up, use a needle or a tiny hole punch to make a hole at the place where the end pieces came together, then use fish line to string up.

paper stars on the wall in front of candles

Questions People are asking about this Post

Can I make these out of regular printer paper?

You certainly could. I just really love how the thin parchment paper tends to curl on the ends.

Can you show us how you make the brown paper bag stars?

Sure, here you go! Paper Bag Star Tutorial

Ok, I need to know where you go those candles!

Oh the candles! I get asked about them all the time! I’ve had these candles around for several years now and they are the best to have around kids and me getting busy running around. They are flameless candles, come with a remote, timer, the whole bit! I also love that these are waterproof, so we take them outside on summer nights!

paper stars hanging with dried oranges

Tips about making parchment paper stars

  • Perfection is for the birds, my friends! My little paper stars aren’t perfect and neither will yours, be. We made them with our hands, therefore they are perfectly custom!
  • This is a good one to get the kids to help with. Make an assembly line out of it!
  • Make sure to glue all the way to the center where the stacks all meet to make sure the center doesn’t give-way.

paper stars hanging over a hall light

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parchment paper stars
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