“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.”- Mohammed Our Mexican Agricultural tour was extremely enlightening when it comes to thinking about our food production, imports and exports. My dad and I recently traveled to Puerto Vallarta and although we stayed at a beautiful resort, I wanted to understand […]

Our Experience Touring Mexico’s Agricultural Areas

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It’s bug bite season: time to prepare for sun, fun, and … itchiness If we have learned anything from living in the Midwest, it’s that there are 2 seasons. There is Winter and there is Bug Season. I am not a medical expert but I am a mom of 4 who grew up in the […]

Midwest Approved Tips for Bug Bite Care

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When we walk on top of the garden mulch in the summer, we sing “No weeds, no weeds, no weeds in our garden!” “After you have mulched for a few years, your soil will become so rich from rotting vegetable matter that you can plant much more closely than one dares to in the old-fashioned […]

The Best Way to Keep your Garden Weed-Free: Ruth Stout Method

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