Spring Planting on our Dairy Farm doesn’t just mean tractors and bags of corn. It means faith, trust and a positive report from the weather man. Spring has sprung and us dairy farmers now find ourselves in early June which means the middle of growing season. Planting on our farm is by-far the busiest season […]

Spring Planting on the Dairy Farm

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spring planting

When we walk on top of the garden mulch in the summer, we sing “No weeds, no weeds, no weeds in our garden!” “After you have mulched for a few years, your soil will become so rich from rotting vegetable matter that you can plant much more closely than one dares to in the old-fashioned […]

The Best Way to Keep your Garden Weed-Free: Ruth Stout Method

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flower eyes

It’s funny, when I left my corporate job working as an in events and hospitality, I always wondered how I’d fill my days, as a farmers wife. What do people who work-at-home do all day? Must be luxurious! (wink, wink).

What Does This Farmers Wife Do All Week, Anyway?

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leather making


it's hip to be square!