A milk passion project brought to life! Two problems existed. 1. As Dairy Producers, we are being told that there is an “abundance of milk.” “Slow down Bessy, we don’t need so much milk.” 2. There is a population of children and adults alike that we are aware of, that aren’t able to access fresh, […]

One Gallon at a Time

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one gallon at a time

It’s funny, when I left my corporate job working as an in events and hospitality, I always wondered how I’d fill my days, as a farmers wife. What do people who work-at-home do all day? Must be luxurious! (wink, wink).

What Does This Farmers Wife Do All Week, Anyway?

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leather making

The tractors are rearing up and that means it’s almost time for some delicious home cooked field meals. This means long days for everyone, including the support staff. March and April are prep months for the meals that will feed our crew who spend the next months, days and nights with us. As everyone gets […]

How to Prepare the Farm Kitchen for Summer | Field Meal Preparation!

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field meals to go


it's hip to be square!