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Unique New Years Eve Traditions | DIY Balloon Pop Party

This simple balloon pop party has easily become one of our favorite New Year’s Eve traditions.

golden confetti balloons

New Years Eve Party Ideas at Home

For a few years now one of our New Years’ Eve traditions has been to have a little balloon party. Our kids love balloons and they look forward to the balloons every year.

The count down to our New Year’s Eve tradition can start whenever you darn well, please. You know your kids and how much sleep they need, so determine when you’re “midnight” will be- back that up about 4-6 hours and that’s when you can start your countdown balloon party!

DIY Balloon Pop game

A Simple New Years Eve Tradition

We have used anywhere from 4-6 balloons depending on how creative you want to get, the ages of your kids and how many activities you’d like to take place. I generally start with the more crazy activities first and then tone it down as the night goes on. NO ONE will want to drift off to night-night world right after a crazy dance party.

new year's eve tradition

Use a long slender piece of paper to write the activity on. Roll it up tight and place it into your deflated balloon. This is also a good time to add glitter, confetti or even candy if you so, please. Blow your balloon up, tie it and mark the time that it is to be poped on the balloon. Hang it up, tape it to the wall, the counter, or just let the balloons wander around the room.

dance party

You could go crazy with filling the balloons with glitter or confetti which I rarely just have on hand, so we just cut up bits of printer paper or let the kids have a ball with some of our little punches and some colored construction paper. Fill those babies with whatever you’d like to be cleaning up for the next few days ;).

diy new years activity

We did go with glitter the first year we did this and although it was delightful watching the kids watch the glitter explode into our living room, we are still finding bits of glitter in between our wood flooring. Plus it’s not great for the environment.

Balloon Pop New years


20″ Round Balloons


Cards For Activities

white balloons


Fill a balloon with confetti, candy or whatever you choose.

Roll and insert printed activity.

Blow up a balloon (you could use helium if you like)

Tie decorative tail to balloons.

Use stickers to number your balloons or you can simply just use a Sharpie

Pop your balloons.

new years

A Few Activity Ideas to fill your Balloons with:

Here’s what we’ve tried for activities inside our balloons:

Hula Hoop Contest

Create your own mini pizza with a variety of toppings to choose from

Balloon tennis with teams (Use paper plates like tennis rackets)

Magic Carpet Ride Races- each team gets 1 not sticky rug to race with- make a relay for extra fun!

Watch a movie (we usually saved this one for close to last)

Make ice cream shakes together

Create a New Year’s Resolution and hang them up

Dance Party- parents choose the music/ kids choose the music

Play spoons or any card / board games

Have a scavenger hunt around the house

Go wild! or Not, you get to choose.

golden balloons

Pin this Balloon Pop Party Activity for later!

Download your FREE Balloon Activity Printable here.

free activities for nye

New Years Memories

These are activities that are what memories are made of. They keep our family entertained, giggling together and involves everyone! Plus it keeps our family off the road and decreases the risk of running into someone who hasn’t made great drinking decisions.

confetti balloons for party

I remember when New Year’s Eve was just the two of us, going out with friends and smooching at midnight. Now we just get more smooching in on our kids when we tuck them in… at 9pm!

If the evening seems like it getting drawn out, just change the times on the balloons to wrap things up a bit quicker.

balloons for new years eve

Have a safe and joyous New Year’s Eve no matter what your New Year’s Tradition might be!

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