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How to Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights in Two Steps!

This easy peasy outdoor Christmas light hack will have your type-A self merry all season long!

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An Outdoor Christmas Light Hack- The Video!

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A Christmas Light Hack

This savvy couple just blew my mind with how they created this simple Christmas light hack out of 10′ PVC pipe, Christmas lights, and some bent coat hangers.

Christmas lights

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“Storing them and the ease of put up and takedown, ” was their motivation. It seems some of us gravitate toward Grinch-mode when faced with putting up the lights, or just choose to not even go there, but not these two. They were even whistling with delight about their plan.

As we chatted about this cool outdoor Christmas lights hack, I mentioned maybe they could make an extension pole, eliminating the need for a ladder or in this case, a butt boost. 😉

buttboost to fix lights

The Materials Needed:

10′ PVC Pipe and corners (Purchased at your local hardware store or here)

Christmas Lights


Tape Measure

Wire Cutter

Metal Coat Hangers (You know this spring you are going to want to update your bedroom closet anyway) :/

easy lights

The Process:

  1. Once they measure around their home, they purchased 10′ sections of PVC pipe which made the most sense with the dimensions of their home.
wrap the lights

2. The couple then wrapped the lights tightly around. They secured the lights with a bit of electrical tape, here and there. They decided to spend a little more on higher-end LED lights that would last a long time, so they wouldn’t have to redo the lights from year to year.

coat hanger hooks for christmas lights

3. They then broke apart the wire coat hangers and bent them into the shape which would most fit around their gutter.

hang up lights

4. Next, they hung sections of PVC up using the bent coat hangers and plug-in end to end.

lighting the corner of the house

5. This couple used removable PVC elbows on the corners for a tidier, more intentional look.

After Christmas Storage

We love using a metal garbage can to set the tubes of light upright in the can or wrapping the tubes up with bungy cords and setting them in the garage rafters.

pvc christmas lights on a grey house
close up photo of christmas lights on grey house

Pin This Christmas Light Hack for Later

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Benefits to Simple Decorating

  • Once this little Christmas Light Hack is assembled it’s a quick up and quick down decoration that can easily be stored without having to untangle lights every year.
  • Spending less time untangling lights, and finding where, and how you put the lights up last year.
  • Using better quality LED lights is a certain way to not have to rewind all of the light every year.
  • Quick decorating ensure that you have more time to sew bow ties, make cookies and other fun little Christmas gifts like homemade play dough!

This is how we reOrganize after Christmas!

I’m off to make more balsam garland and start the rest of my Christmas gift sewing.

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Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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