One of the most basic steps in learning how to sew is learning how to thread that darn machine! But I promise once you’ve mastered this, you’ll be ready to tackle just about anything! Drag your machine out onto a good sturdy surface and let’s have a look. Does your machine come with instructions?  It’s […]

Threading a Sewing Machine | How to Sew| Lesson #2

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How to thread a sewing machine

Make A Winter Dress for the holidays or just every day. This tutorial will teach you how to make a dress in any size, using your child’s favorite dress! You might change your mind about the difficulty level of dressmaking after you watch this tutorial (it’s not hard)! Once you’ve mastered this technique you will […]

How to Make a Cozy Winter Dress

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winter dress with pockets

Make your next favorite tank top! With this technique, you can create a style that suits your body type and something that you can keep making over and over. I love having control of my wardrobe which makes this DIY tank top a perfect choice – these are truly my best tank tops! Sometimes the […]

How to make your own Tank Top | Personalized Tank Top in 10 steps!

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tank top tutorial


it's hip to be square!