Threading a Sewing Machine | How to Sew| Lesson #2

One of the most basic steps in learning how to sew is learning how to thread that darn machine! But I promise once you’ve mastered this, you’ll be ready to tackle just about anything! How to thread a sewing machine Drag your machine out onto a good sturdy surface and let’s have a look. Does your machine come with instructions?  It’s cool if you are the kind who likes to read the instructions. I’d rather just dive in and figure things out.  I’m going to show you everything you need in order to thread your machine in this post and video!

How to Thread your Sewing Machine- The VIDEO!

  Notice where the knobs, hooks and buttons are. Can you identify a guide on your machine? Mine has embossed arrows that show me where the thread should go.

How to Thread your Sewing Machine!

thread Start with putting your thread onto the peg. Mine is inside my machine, yours might be on the top of your machine. thread gaurd Identify the first hook or loop and slide your thread through. 1st sewing hook Find the next hook and thread. thread a hook I follow my arrows down. sewing machine Then back up to catch the next hook. hook You may have to use your hand wheel on your machine to raise this hook up in order to catch the thread on it. sewing hook Then go down, sliding the thread in the crevasse. thread the needle Next, I wet the tip of my thread in order to get it to go through the eye of the needle. sewing machine hook Place the thread behind another hook. All of this ‘hooking’ assists with the tension of the thread as it goes in and out of your fabric. I promise it’s all for the good! leave a tale Pull your thread out about 5-6″ to leave a tail so the thread can’t suck back up through all your hooks. bobbin Next, we need to fill the bobbin. I use the thread right from my needle. It makes the tension of the thread going onto the bobbin, just right. bobbin sewing Push the bobbin onto the bobbin peg and switch down. This will ensure that your needle is not working at this time, but your bobbin will be rolling around adding thread to the bobbin. place bobbin back in One the bobbin is finished filling, remove it from the bobbin peg, and swich the peg back so now the needle will move instead of the bobbin rod. Take note, some bobbins will need to go into the machine ina specific way. For instance, mine needs to go in with the letter H facing up. Hook your bobbin thread onto the hook and leave a little tail.   bobbinReplace the bobbin cover and turn the handwheel toward you until the top threaded needle, brings up the bobbin thread. I use little scissors to grab the 2 pieces of thread. Leave a 5-6″ tail and trim. How to thread a sewing machine Now, both your top thread and your bottom thread is in place and you are ready to start sewing. Check out the next blog post about how to create a seam! (This post may contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you)

10 items you will need in order to start sewing!

#1 A sewing machine similar to mine #2 Sewing machine needles #3 Sewing scissors #4 Tape measure #5 Steam iron #6 Bobbins #7 Thread (I tend to stick with the basics here) Black, Cream, Navy #8 Seam Ripper #9 Pins or Clips (optional #10 Hand Needles  

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threading a sewing machine





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