How to Make a Tie-Style Mask | Pattern #2

It seemed natural for me to create a mask pattern that caused no ear irritation! So I sat down and got to work.


I had no idea that the last mask pattern would be such a hit!

Since publishing the last mask post, I have been busy making those masks. Donating them to our local group homes and hospitals.

The previous mask pattern is great for short trips to the store or while around fumes or dust particles. But if someone were to have to wear that style for 6-16 hours at a time, the backs of their ears would be raw and irritated.

The Video Tutorial

I was then asked to start making headbands with buttons to help keep the pressure away from the backs of the ears.

So I was making masks that caused irritation when worn at length and then a headband with buttons to alleviate the problem that the mask was causing. This was counterproductive.

Something new

It seemed natural for me to create a mask pattern that caused no ear irritation! So I sat down and got to work.

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Supplies Needed:

1. 100% cotton (Cut (3) 10″ x 8” adult-size. I used one color for the inside and another color for the outside. Or 9″ x 6″ child-size pieces for each mask

2. 55″ of string for adult-size or 50″ for child-size (you can use shoestring, bias tape, clothesline string or even 1/2″ of cut t-shirt)

3. 4.5″ of plastic-coated garden wire (or a twist tie, pipe cleaner or other wire that you might have around your home)

4. Thread

5. Coffee Filter


Cut 3 pieces of fabric to be 8″x10″. 2 pieces will make up the inside and 1 piece will be for the outside. I used white for my inside and a blue color for the outside.

Place the two inside pieces right side together.

Fold length-wise to create a crease.

fold mask fabric

Using a ruler draw a 3″ line on the crease inward from both edges of the fabric.

measure 3"
sew a 3" line

Sew a straight stitch on these (2) 3″ lines.

fold mask fabric

Open the fabric up, but folding one side onto itself, then flip the fabric over and repeat on this side- to reveal a finished filter pocket hole.

filter pocket

Press open

Place an outer piece of fabric, right-side down on top of the interior piece.


Sew these pieces together, sewing all around the rectangle.

sew around and trim corners

Trim the corners and turn through the filter pocket hole.

Push corners out, being careful not to poke through.

push out corners

Sew a 4″ long pocket for the wire nose piece, centered in the middle top part of the mask.

nose piece

Cut 4.5″ wire using a needle-nosed pliers then curl the ends in a circle so they don’t poke out from the fabric. Insert wire into the pocket.

curl nose piece wire

Place your string on to fabric and create slots for the string to go. Fold in the corners and fold the fabric over top of the string. Pin or clip in place.


Sew close to the edge of the seam so not to catch the string. Tie knots at the ends of your string so they don’t slip back through the casing easily.

finished mask

All done!

How to wash your mask

Loosely tie the two ends together, remove the wire and place in the washer either by itself or in a garment bag.



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