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Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that fits just right? Why not recreate it in different fabrics or sizes by drafting your own pattern? Drafting a pattern from an existing garment is a great way to replicate the fit and style of your favorite clothes. In this guide, we’ll show you how to […]

How to Draft a Pattern from Your Favorite Clothes

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pattern drafting

This little vest pattern is perfect for a special occasion or just dress up!  Our kids love dressing up. Whether for play or for church. I have used this pattern in lots of different ways. One year I made everyone adventurer vests for Easter. They love them- even my pre-teen! They will all put on […]

Sewing a Children’s Vest | Simple Vest Tutorial

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making a boys vest

Curtains are almost all straight sewing, making them an easy project for beginners. In this tutorial, you will find what you need in order to make basic curtains in no time. Fabric Choices Choosing your fabric is one of the first steps to sewing your own curtains. There are other things to look for aside […]

How to Make Basic Curtains to Elevate your Home | Learn to Sew #8

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handmade curtains


it's hip to be square!